The 2018 ENRA Kimia Gas Odorant Seminar (EGOS 2018) was organized in collaboration with ARKEMA and ENRA Kimia’s wholly owned Australian subsidiary, International Chemicals Engineering Pty Ltd (“ICE”), on the 17th & 18th of October 2018. This technical seminar was attended by over 60 delegates representing various companies operating in the Oil & Gas Industry. This event highlighted the importance of Gas Odorants as a leakage detection mechanism for both Natural Gas (NG) as well as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).


The tone was set during the Opening Speech, when the Chief Executive Officer of ENRA Kimia, Mr Rayburn Azhar Ali, provided an informative account of ENRA Kimia’s pivotal role in Malaysia’s Gas Odorant industry and presented a glimpse into the company’s transition since 1992.


Addressing the delegates from Gas Malaysia Berhad, PETRONAS and other key players in the industry, Mr Ahmad Faiz Haron, General Manager of ENRA Kimia, presented the correlation between Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the country’s NG/LPG demand, as well as the impact on the overall Gas Odorant consumption in Malaysia. He also presented the evolution of Gas Odorant packaging in Malaysia, the improvements over the years in terms of safety features, as well as the overall delivery approach to the end users in Malaysia.

Ms Vanessa Tunjano, ICE’s Petrochemical Engineer, talked about the history and importance of gas odorization from the perspective of gas regulators, given her previous experience working for the gas regulator in South Australia. Mr Chen Yi Yi, Assistant Regional Sales Manager of ARKEMA, then talked about the various types of Gas Odorants, their chemical/physical properties as well as their applications.


The presentation continued with Mr Wan Jamshid Amourzegar, ENRA Kimia’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, who talked about the company’s Industrial Odor Neutralization (ION) services, including the complete set of equipment required and the correct approach in managing emergencies related to odor release and liquid spillages of Gas Odorants. Taking the stage after that was Mr Adnan Yahya, ENRA Kimia’s Vice President of Operations, who presented the various types of emergency kits, equipment and tools that are necessary to have ready on a standby basis. Mr Adnan also conducted a live simulation on how to tackle an emergency situation in the case of a small Gas Odorant spillage. The purpose of this live simulation was to make sure our clients were well aware of how to safely handle Gas Odorants in a real-life situation.


The final part of the session was covered by Mr Chris Ulrik, founder and Managing Director of ICE. His three decades of engineering experience specializing in Gas Odorizing systems enabled him to talk in detail about the design, maintenance and troubleshooting of Gas Odorizing Systems. This section provided participants knowledge on how to maintain such systems, understand how such systems function and troubleshoot the typical problems that may happen during the operation of Gas Odorizing Systems.


Ultimately, the main objective of EGOS 2018 was to raise the awareness of Gas Odorants in Malaysia, in which ENRA Kimia and Arkema have played a pivotal role in shaping the industry by significantly improving the safety aspects of Gas Odorant packaging and its supply chain infrastructure.

Day 1 - 17th October 2018

Day 2 - 18th October 2018

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